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Benefits of pre-operative oral Sucrosomial® iron supplementation in cardiac surgery: influence of patient’s baseline hemoglobin and gender
Luca P. Weltert, Alessandro De Rosa, Maria B. Rondinelli, Mauro Falco, Franco Turani, Luca Pierelli
A multicenter, real-world experience with recombinant FXIII for the treatment of patients with FXIII deficiency: from pharmacokinetics to clinical practice. The Italian FXIII Study
Ezio Zanon, Samantha Pasca, Gianluca Sottilotta, Angelo C. Molinari, Antonietta Ferretti, Patrizia Di Gregorio, Berardino Pollio, Michele Pizzuti, Lucia Dora Notarangelo, Chiara Biasoli, Piergiorgio Cojutti, Federico Pea, Paolo Simioni, Flora Peyvandi
Identification of an Alu-mediated 5.7-kb deletion of the LU gene in a pregnant Moroccan woman with anti-Lu3
Pascal Pedini, Laurine Laget, Caroline Izard, Cécile Menanteau, Sophie Beley, Thomas Granier, Christophe Picard, Pascal Bailly, Jacques Chiaroni, Stéphane Mazieres, Thierry Peyrard, Monique Silvy
When the available blood supply mismatches the needs of the patient
Lisa Weidner, Wolfgang Allhoff, Charlotte Pistorius, Volker Witt, Eva Rohde, Elisabeth Schistal, Christof Jungbauer
In vitro-transfusional model for red-blood-cell study: the advantage of lowering hematocrit
Emmanuel Längst, David Crettaz, Julien Delobel, Raffaele Renella, Manon Bardyn, Gerardo Turcatti, Jean-Daniel Tissot, Michel Prudent
The effect of plasma transfusion in an experimental two-hit animal model of transfusion-associated circulatory overload with heart failure
Esther B. Bulle, Robert B. Klanderman, Marit B. de Wissel, Joris J.T.H. Roelofs, Denise P. Veelo, Charissa E. van den Brom, Rick Kapur, Alexander P.J. Vlaar
Serologically D-negative blood donors in Thailand: molecular variants and diagnostic strategy
Pornlada Nuchnoi, Jairak Thongbut, Caroline Bénech, Pawinee Kupatawintu, Dootchai Chaiwanichsiri, Claude Férec, Yann Fichou
Lipidomic analysis of differently prepared platelet concentrates in additive solution during storage
Anne-Claire Duchez, Sébastien Fauteux-Daniel, Theo Ebermeyer, Marco Heestermans, Charles-Antoine Arthaud, Marie-Ange Eyraud, Amélie Prier, Estelle Audoux, Jean-Charles Portais, Justine Bertrand-Michel, Olivier Garraud, Hind Hamzeh-Cognasse, Eric Boilard, Fabrice Cognasse
A survey study of factors influencing elevated blood lead levels in donors from Qingdao, China
Bingxin Qi, Bingling Wang, Zhijie Zhang, Yang Li, Zhihui Feng, Shutao Pang
Hypoxic storage of murine red blood cells improves energy metabolism and post-transfusion recoveries
Ariel Hay, Karolina Dziewulska, Fabia Gamboni, David Nerguizian, Monika Dzieciatkowska, James C. Zimring, Angelo D’Alessandro
Red blood cell alloantibodies in the context of critical bleeding and massive transfusion
Krishna G. Badami, Catherine Neal, Rosemary L. Sparrow, Cameron Wellard, Helen E. Haysom, Zoe K. McQuilten, Erica M. Wood
Achieving haemostasis in thrombocytopenia in remote settings: an in vitro comparison of frozen and lyophilized products
Philip J. Crispin, Lucy A. Coupland, Elizabeth E. Gardiner
Epidemiology of Treponema pallidum and HIV co-infections in the Italian blood donor population: 2009-2021
Ilaria Pati, Carlo Mengoli, Simonetta Pupella, Francesca Masiello, Francesco Barone, Mario Cruciani, Vincenzo De Angelis
Ultrasound-guided injection of platelet-rich plasma for tendinopathies: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Francesca Masiello, Ilaria Pati, Eva Veropalumbo, Simonetta Pupella, Mario Cruciani, Vincenzo De Angelis
Thrombosis and bleeding after COVID-19 vaccination: do differences in sex matter?
Elvira Grandone, Susanna Chiocca, Serenella Castelvecchio, Milena Fini, Rossella Nappi, on behalf of representatives for Gender Medicine of Scientific Hospitalization and Treatment Institutes-Italian Ministry of Health (the collaborators are listed in the Appendix 1)
Prevalence of anti-tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) antibodies in Swiss blood donors in 2014-2015
Rahel Ackermann-Gäumann, Claudia Eyer, Michael Vock, Peter Gowland, Caroline Tinguely, Stephen L. Leib, Mauro Bori, Andreas Buser, Stefano Fontana, Jutta Thierbach, Tina Weingand, Christoph Niederhauser
Validation of PLASMIC score in a cohort of patients with suspected thrombotic microangiopathy in an academic medical centre
Antonella Tufano, Mariateresa Polimeno, Beniamino Matani, Giuseppe Cardillo, Filomena Capasso, Rosaria Mormile, Fiorella Paladino, Giovanni Di Minno
Composition of plasma in apheresis-derived platelet concentrates under cold storage
Anna Kobsar, Anne Pfeifroth, Philipp Klingler, Marius Niklaus, Joerg Schubert, Sabine Kuhn, Angela Koessler, Markus Boeck, Juergen Koessler
The effect of exosomes released from apheresis platelet concentrates under the impact of gamma irradiation and storage time upon platelet aggregation and hemostasis
Salih Haldun Bal, Engin Sagdilek, Mehmet Karaçay, Muhammed A. Kizmaz, Levent T. Kumas, Fatma E. Can, Muzaffer Yildirim, Tugçe Canavar-Yildirim, Deniz Kosay-Gülkaya, Digdem Yöyen-Ermis, Ferah Budak, Yasemin Heper, Ihsan Gürsel, Haluk B. Oral
Comparison between peripheral blood progenitor cell collection on the 4th or 5th day of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor treatment in allogeneic stem cell donors: implications for hematopoietic progenitor cell apheresis guidelines
Cecilia Passeri, Ornella Iuliani, Mauro Di Ianni, Carlo Sorrentino, Raffaella Giancola, Luciano Abbruzzese, Franco M. Dallavalle, Salvatore Gattillo, Maria T. Mariano, Massimo Martino, Angelo Ostuni, Chiara Savignano, Luca Santoleri, Tiziana Tison, Michele Vacca, Patrizia Accorsi
Neonatal alloimmune neutropenia: diagnosis and management of 31 Italian patients
Alessandra Cattaneo, Manuela Liguori, Elena Trombetta, Ferruccio Ceriotti, Lorenza Pugni, Andrea Ronchi, Giulia Carracchia, Lucia D. Notarangelo, Francesca Ferrua, Federica Barzaghi, Chiara Giovanettoni, Gianvincenzo Zuccotti, Emilia Cirillo, Claudio Pignata, Federica Meroni, Anna Maietta, Piero Farruggia, Laura Porretti
Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia: effect of heat inactivation of patient’s serum on functional flow cytometric assay results
Klara Železnik, Manuela Citar, Ivica Maric, Gordana Tomac, Elvira Malicev
Transfusion of fibrinogen concentrate before dental extractions in patients with afibrinogenemia: a narrative review supported by a case report with a proposed treatment protocol
Sylwia Czajkowska, Joanna Rupa-Matysek, Joanna Brzezinska, Anna Surdacka, Lidia Gil
In vitro exposure of whole blood to a cannabinoid mixture impairs the quality of red blood cells and platelets
Marie-Claude Lampron, Clémence Desbiens-Tremblay, Lionel Loubaki
Seven years (2015-2021) of blood donor screening for HEV-RNA in France: lessons and perspectives
Syria Laperche, Claude Maugard, Sébastien Lhomme, Sophie Lecam, Céline Ricard, Isabelle Dupont, Pascale Richard, Pierre Tiberghien, Florence Abravanel, Pascal Morel, Jacques Izopet, Pierre Gallian
ZOOMICS: comparative metabolomics of red blood cells from dogs, cows, horses and donkeys during refrigerated storage for up to 42 days
Arianna Miglio, Mark Maslanka, Morena Di Tommaso, Francesca Rocconi, Travis Nemkov, Paul W Buehler, Maria T. Antognoni, Steven L. Spitalnik, Angelo D’Alessandro
Continuous population surveillance of COVID-19 immunity can be provided by blood services at low cost using routine laboratory infrastructure
Stephen M. Henry, Willy A. Flegel, Christof Weinstock
COVID-19 vaccination, anticoagulation level and warfarin treatment
Rujittika Mungmunpuntipantip, Viroj Wiwanitkit
Lack of influence of SARS-Cov 2 vaccination on anticoagulation levels of patients on stable, long-term warfarin treatment
Elena Lotti, Alessandro Masi, Chiara Cappugi, Alessandra Fanelli, Lucia Mannini, Rossella Marcucci, Daniela Poli
Transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI): a retrospective review of reported cases in Queensland, Australia over 20 years
Aarany Sivakaanthan, Fiona Swain, Gail Pahn, Kathryn Goodison, Naadir Gutta, Rhonda Holdsworth, Shoma Baidya, John-Paul Tung
Effect of a Patient Blood Management system on perioperative transfusion practice and short-term outcomes of colorectal cancer surgery
Seon Hui Shin, Guglielmo Niccolò Piozzi, Jung-Myun Kwak, Se Jin Baek, Jin Kim, Seon Hahn Kim
Motivators and barriers to blood donation among potential donors of African and Caucasian ethnicity
Helen Fogarty, Muskan Sardana, Luke Sheridan, Phoebe Chieng, Sarah Kelly, Noel Ngwenya, Ciara Sheehan, Kieran Morris, Emma Tuohy
A novel serological RhD confirmatory test for patients with warm autoimmune haemolytic anaemia with a strong positive direct antiglobulin test
Chunchen Yang, Jiewei Zheng, Ruiming Rong, Dong Xiang
The effectiveness of iron education through a mobile application on donor return after deferral for low hemoglobin
Mohamed I. Hasan, Siti S. Noordin, Rohayu Hami, Norasrina Ishak, Anusha Achuthan
Prenatal screening service for fetal RHD genotyping to guide prophylaxis: the two-year experience of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Italy
Donatella Londero, Sonia Merluzzi, Cristina Dreossi, Giovanni Barillari
Human neutrophil antigen 3 genotype impacts neutrophil-mediated endothelial cell cytotoxicity in a two-event model of TRALI
Sara Chiaretti, Mark Burton, Penny Hassel, Filip Radenkovic, Nilam Devikashri, Annette J. Sultana, Fergal T. Temple, Melinda M. Dean, John-Paul Tung
From the investigation of RHD-CE hybrid genes to the recognition of RHCE variants and RHD zygosity. Expanding the analysis by QMPSF in Brazilian donors and in patients with sickle cell disease
Tatiane A. de Paula Vendrame, Carine P. Arnoni, Flavia R.M. Latini, Afonso J. Pereira Cortez, Caroline Bénech, Yann Fichou, Lilian Castilho
Influence of user-centered clinical decision support on pediatric blood product ordering errors
Evan W. Orenstein, Margo Rollins, Jennifer Jones, Swaminathan Kandaswamy, Jeanne Boudreaux, Alexis B. Carter, Cassandra D. Josephson
Blood donations affect disease management in a case of warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia
Chuan-Shi Liu, Jun Yu Woon, Yu-Ting Chiu, Shih-Chien Lu, Li-Te Chin
Efficacy and safety of von Willebrand factor concentrate almost devoid of factor VIII (Wilfactin®) in paediatric patients under 6 years of age with severe von Willebrand disease
Emna Gouider, Anna Klukowska, Philip Maes, Helen Platokouki, Sonia Pujol, Céline Henriet, Françoise Bridey, Jenny Goudemand
Multivariable statistical models to predict red cell transfusion in elective surgery
Kevin M. Trentino, Frank M. Sanfilippo, Michael F. Leahy, Shannon L. Farmer, Hamish Mace, Adam Lloyd, Kevin Murray
Platelet concentrates in platelet additive solutions generate less complement activation products during storage than platelets stored in plasma
Yasmin E.S. de Wit, Richard Vlaar, Eric Gouwerok, Hind Hamzeh-Cognasse, Gerard van Mierlo, Ingrid Bulder, Johan W.M. Lagerberg, Dirk de Korte, Fabrice Cognasse, Anja ten Brinke, Sacha S. Zeerleder
Prevalence of ABO and RhD blood group phenotypes in the Croatian population and in patients with severe COVID-19 in Croatia
Irena Jukic, Ana Hecimovic, Tomislav Vuk, Matea Vinkovic, Tatjana Kereš, Marina Lampalo, Zrinka Kruhonja Galic, Sandra Jagnjic
Cryopreserved platelets and amotosalen-treated plasma in an experimental clot formation set-up
Per Sandgren, Kristina Ehn, Linda Larsson, Michael Uhlin, Agneta Wikman
Stored whole blood transfusion initiates serum amyloid A activation monitored by real-time dynamic imaging
Yulong Zhang, Zhengjun Wang, Xinghuan Ma, Yuxuan Li, Qianqian Zhou, Sujing Sun, Ping Ma, Liping Lv, Linsheng Zhan, Xiaohui Wang
Whole transcriptome analysis of platelet concentrates during storage
Hasiyati Heililahong, Peipei Jin, Hang Lei, Haihui Gu, Baohua Qian, Xuefeng Wang, Jing Dai, Xiaohong Cai
3D analysis of CROMER (DAF) and a new antigen CRAG
Aline Floch, Sunitha Vege, Kim Hue-Roye, Jan R. Hamilton, Lance A. Williams, Jacquelyn Choate, Christine Lomas-Francis, Connie M. Westhoff
Hepatitis E infection in adults with primary immunodeficiency with or without immunoglobulin replacement therapy
Laurence Gérard, Margaux Garzaro, Venicia Ferrer, Marion Malphettes, Claire Fieschi, Jean-Luc Garnier, Nicolas Just, Agathe Masseau, Constance Delaugerre, Jacques Izopet, Eric Oksenhendler, Florence Abravanel for the DEFI study group
Clinical evaluation of the safety and efficacy of enoxaparin in patients with COVID-19
Rosina Albisinni, Martina Vitrone, Maria P. Ursi, Serenella Spiezia, Anna Salemme, Letizia L. Florio, Filomena Boccia, Domenico Iossa, Rosa Zampino, Luigi Atripaldi, Francesco Squillante, Nicola Maturo, Fiorentino Fraganza, Sergio Severino, Rodolfo Punzi, Giuseppe Fiorentino
Platelet-rich plasma for the treatment of alopecia: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Mario Cruciani, Francesca Masiello, Ilaria Pati, Giuseppe Marano, Simonetta Pupella, Vincenzo De Angelis
Differential effect of direct oral anticoagulants on thrombin generation and fibrinolysis in patients with atrial fibrillation and venous thromboembolism
Lavinia Dirienzo, Antonia Vitulli, Federica Mancazzo, Concetta T. Ammollo, Claudia Dellanoce, Oriana Paoletti, Sophie Testa, Mario Colucci
Acquired von Willebrand syndrome in patients with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance investigated using a mechanistic approach
Eva Galletta, Federico Galvanin, Antonella Bertomoro, Viviana Daidone, Alessandra Casonato