Blood Transfusion - 1 2018 (January - February)

"Non-remunerated donation": a tautology?


Publication Date: 2016-06-22


The ban on deriving profit from the human body or its parts
Both blood and the act of giving are part of what makes us human; blood is vital for our bodies and giving is one of the noblest gestures we can make. Both have been analysed, described and studied in the arts, by philosophers, and in numerous forms of cultural enquiry throughout the centuries1,2. The ban on trade in the human body or its parts or on deriving profit from such activity has been recognised and promoted by eminent institutions, and generic principles concerning these issues are applied to blood, cells, tissues and organs. In particular, voluntary, non-remunerated donation is recognised by all the major competent bodies in the field as the foundation for the safe and sustainable supply of blood and blood products. [...]



Carlo Petrini - Bioethics Unit, National Institute of Health, Rome, Italy

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