Several years ago, in an effort to begin to standardise practice for patients whose red blood cell type is weaker than expected or whose cells show variable reactivity with different anti-D reagents, a Working Group, representing multiple professional organisations in the USA, was convened to draft recommendations on phasing in the use of RHD genotyping. The effort was targeted to the treatment of females of child-bearing potential and obstetric patients to guide administration of Rh immune globulin to avoid unnecessary use, and also to select blood for patients to avoid overuse of D-negative units. Observational data (primarily from Europe) formed the basis for the recommendations. […]



Connie M. Westhoff - New York Blood Center, New York, NY

Sandra Nance - American Red Cross, Philadelphia, PA

Christine Lomas-Francis - New York Blood Center, New York, NY

Margaret Keller - American Red Cross, Philadelphia, PA

Stella T. Chou - Childern's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, United States of America

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