Blood Transfusion 5-2018 (September-October)
Molecular immunohaematology round table discussions at the AABB Annual Meeting, Orlando 2016
Authors:  Willy A. Flegel, Qing Chen, Lilian Castilho, Margaret A. Keller, Ellen B. Klapper, William J. Lane, France Pirenne, Gary Stack, Maryse St-Louis, Christopher A. Tormey , Dan A. Waxman, Christof Weinstock, Silvano Wendel, Gregory A Denomme
Pages:  447-456
To cite this article:  433 Blood Transfus 2018; 16: 447-56
Doi:  10.2450/2018.0260-17
Published online:  14/02/2018

At an international meeting, we offered round table discussions on six topics of red cell genotyping: one donor, patient, technical, and scientific topic each, plus two health care topics. Views were discussed among professionals in the field of blood group serology and genetics, and opinions polled for six current questions: anti-CD38 therapy and red cell genotyping; ethics of next generation sequencing for blood donors; ABO genotyping outside of routine applications; dry-matching in the absence of red cell antibodies; centralised vs hospital-based red cell genotyping; and implications if red cell genotype were available upon admission. We summarise the participants' input to our questions and discuss the topics in view of current literature. Round table discussions can raise the understanding among experienced specialists whose perception will shape the adoption of molecular immunohaematology to benefit patients and enhance patient safety.
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