Blood Transfusion - 4 2017 (July - August)
The Italian Regulatory Guidelines for the implementation of Patient Blood Management
Authors:  Stefania Vaglio, Sara Gentili, Giuseppe Marano, Simonetta Pupella, Daniela Rafanelli, Gianni Biancofiore, Paola Antonioli, Claudio Velati, Giancarlo M. Liumbruno
Pages:  325-328
To cite this article:  Blood Transfus 2017; 15: 325-8
Doi:  10.2450/2017.0060-17
Published online:  03/05/2017

In 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) with resolution WHA63.12, urged all Member States to implement Patient Blood Management (PBM)1. In Italy, the National Blood Centre, the governmental authority entrusted with the coordination of the blood system, in line with the aforementioned resolution, included the implementation of a PBM programme among the objectives of the 2012 national self-sufficiency plan for blood and blood components2. According to the Health Ministry Decree of 4th September 2012, regarding the aforementioned self-sufficiency plan, the concept of PBM was first introduced as a tool to pursue the objective of achieving national self-sufficiency. To reach this goal the Decree established that it was necessary to define and implement innovative and more effective methods and measure to ensure the appropriate clinical and organisational management of blood.
The 2013 programme dealt with the same issue, introducing clearly the wording PBM and underlining the need to promote a multidisciplinary and evidence-based approach aimed at improving the patient's outcome through the three pillars of PBM3. [ ... ]
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