Blood Transfusion - 6 2016 (November-December)
Molecular immunohaematology round table discussions at the AABB Annual Meeting, Anaheim 2015
Authors:  Willy A. Flegel, Lilian Castilho, Wm Andrew L. Heaton, Margaret A. Keller, Ellen B. Klapper, William J. Lane, France Pirenne, Nadine Shehata, Gary Stack, Maryse St-Louis, Christopher A. Tormey, Franz F. Wagner, Dan A. Waxman, Gregory A. Denomme
Pages:  557-565
To cite this article:  Blood Transfus 2016; 14: 557-65
Doi:  10.2450/2016.0063-16
Published online:  29/07/2016

At an international meeting, we offered round table discussions on six topics of molecular immunohaematology: one donor-related, two patient health care-related, and three technical topics. The six issues discussed can be challenging, even controversial, among professionals in the field of blood group serology and genetics and addressed: the "gold standard" method for red blood cell antigen determination; use of next generation sequencing (NGS); replacing ABO serology with red cell genotyping; patient cohorts benefiting from cost-efficient, prophylactic red cell genotyping; justifiable additional cost and reimbursement; and centralised databases across different donor services. We provide a summary of the participants' input to our questions and then discuss the topics. Use of molecular-based immunohaematology testing is becoming more widespread in laboratories worldwide and is known to benefit patients at a level that cannot be achieved by any serological approach alone. [...]
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