Blood Transfusion Supplement 3 - Haemophilia Centre Accreditation Systems and Networks of Centres of Expertise for Rare Diseases in Europe and North America (off subscription) (April)
Uncovered needs in the management of inherited bleeding disorders in Italy
Authors:  Romano Arcieri, Angelo C. Molinari, Stefania Farace, Giuseppe Mazza, Alberto Garnero, Gabriele Calizzani, Paola Giordano, Emily Oliovecchio, Lorenzo Mantovani, Lamberto Manzoli, Paul Giangrande
Pages:  s563-s566
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Doi:  10.2450/2014.0036-14s
Published online:  08/05/2014

Haemophilia is an X-linked bleeding disorder1 and is characterised by repeated bleeding, especially in joints. The current management of haemophilia is based on the replacement therapy with intravenous clotting factor and includes plasma-derived and recombinant factor concentrates2. The early treatment in pediatrics age has been recognised as an important determinant of better physical development3, and several studies have demonstrated that primary prophylaxis has a positive and significant impact on the quality of life and the prevention of arthropathy in haemophiliac children4,5. Also, home treatment has shown to improve both life expectancy and quality of life of patients with haemophilia6. (...)
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