Blood Transfusion Supplement 3 - Haemophilia Centre Accreditation Systems and Networks of Centres of Expertise for Rare Diseases in Europe and North America (off subscription) (April)
The European Haemophilia Network (EUHANET)
Authors:  Michael Makris, Gabriele Calizzani, Kathelijn Fischer, Alexander Gatt, Estelle Gilman, Robert Hollingsworth, Thierry Lambert, Riitta Lassila, Pier Mannuccio Mannucci, Flora Peyvandi, Jerzy Windyga
Pages:  s515-s518
To cite this article:  Blood Transfus 2014; 12 Suppl 3: s515-8
Doi:  10.2450/2014.0008-14s
Published online:  06/05/2014

Haemophilia A and B are rare inherited bleeding disorders due to reduced factor VIII (FVIII) or factor IX (FIX) activity, occurring in 1 in 10,000 and 1 in 50,000 of the population respectively1,2. Several other bleeding disorders such as deficiencies of factors I, II, V, VII, X, XI and XIII are even rarer. When the deficiency is severe these disorders present with spontaneous bleeding whilst for milder disorders traumatic bleeding is observed3. When bleeding occurs patients are treated with clotting factor concentrates which can be plasma derived or recombinant. Individuals with inherited bleeding disorders are cared for in Haemophilia Centres. (...)
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