Blood Transfusion - 2 2014 (April - June)
Molecular immunohaematology round table discussions at the AABB Annual Meeting, Boston 2012
Authors:  Willy A. Flegel, Susan T. Johnson, Margaret A. Keller, Ellen B. Klapper, Hanh M. Khuu, Joann M. Moulds, Axel W. Seltsam, Gary Stack, Maryse St-Louis, Christopher A. Tormey, Franz F. Wagner, Christof Weinstock, Mark H. Yazer, Gregory A. Denomme
Pages:  280-286
To cite this article:  Blood Transfus 2014; 12: 280-6
Doi:  10.2450/2013.0022-13
Published online:  18/10/2013

Well trained, experienced serologists in transfusion medicine laboratories have been familiar with blood group serology for decades. With the advent of molecular immunohaematology, there is a need to adopt and embrace the clinical and diagnostic applications in order for patients to benefit from the advances that this technology offers1-3. We organised an international forum to discuss molecular immunohaematology concepts that may be challenging even for some established professionals in the field of serology. (...)
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