Blood Transfusion - 2 2013 (April - June)
How to write a scientific manuscript for publication
Authors:  Giancarlo Maria Liumbruno, Claudio Velati, Patrizio Pasqualetti, Massimo Franchini
Pages:  217-226
To cite this article:  Blood Transfus 2013; 11: 217-26
Doi:  10.2450/2012.0247-12
Published online:  21/12/2012

The origins and development of the scientific and technical press can be traced back to 1665 when the first "modern" scientific papers appeared and were characterized by non standardised form and style1. Subsequently, nearly 300 years ago2, in an attempt to ensure that articles met the journal's standards of quality and scientific validity, the peer-reviewed process for scientific manuscripts was born in England and France. Since then, there has been an enormous proliferation of scientific journals and manuscripts so that, at present, the numbers of biomedical papers published annually by over 20,000 journals, at a rate of 5,500 new papers per day, far exceeds 2,000,0001,2. (…)
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