Blood Transfusion - 2 2012 (April - June)
Prophylaxis in haemophilia should be life-long
Authors:  Mike Makris
Pages:  165-8
To cite this article:  Blood Transfus 2012; 10: 165-8
Doi:  10.2450/2012.0147-11
Published online:  13/02/2012

The use of regular prophylaxis has transformed the lives of children and adolescents with severe haemophilia and is now considered to be the gold standard for haemophilia care in this age group.
Prophylaxis is less widely used in adults even though clinical trials have shown it to be effective. The reasons for this lower usage are inconvenience and cost rather than issues with efficacy or safety.
Whilst prophylaxis in adults with severe haemophilia and a mild phenotype is unlikely to be required, for the majority of patients it is likely to be useful and should be continued for most individuals who reach adulthood already on prophylaxis. As a minimum, it is suggested that a short trial of prophylaxis is offered to all adults with severe haemophilia (...).
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