Blood Transfusion - 4 2011 (October-December)

Blood transfusion practices: a little consistency please
Authors:  Mark T. Friedman
Pages:  362-365
To cite this article:  Blood Transfus 2011;9:362-5
Doi:  10.2450/2011.0007-11
Published online:  12/05/2011

In this issue of Blood Transfusion, Verlicchi and Colleagues1 report their observational study in which they combined data from different sources to demonstrate variability in transfusion rates among patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery in seven public and private hospitals in the area of Ravenna (Italy). The overall percentage of patients requiring transfusion varied from 28% to 74% among the hospitals, and the likelihood of receiving a transfusion was greater in females, increased with age, and was also greater in patients undergoing hip surgery than in those undergoing knee surgery. More blood transfusions were used for interventions following fractures than for non-traumatic conditions, although it should be noted that patients in the former group were older and more frequently female. The transfusion rate was higher in the public hospitals than in the private institutions, although this difference was not statistically significant when procedures essentially performed only in public facilities were excluded from the analysis (...).
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