Blood Transfusion - 3 2009 (July - September)

Pre- and post- donation haematological values in healthy donors using five different plateletpheresis systems
Authors:  Sudipta Sekhar Das, Rajendra Chaudhary, Sunil Kumar Verma, Shashank Ojha, Dheeraj Khetan
Pages:  188-92
To cite this article:  Blood Transfus 2009; 7: 188-92
Doi:  10.2450/2009.0064-08
Published online:  02/02/2009

Background. Although automated cell separators have undergone a lot of technical refinements, attention has been focused more on the quality of platelet concentrates than on donor safety. We planned this prospective study to observe the effects of automated plateletpheresis on normal haematological values of healthy donors and to determine whether the haematological alterations had any clinical consequences.
Study design and methods. The study was conducted on 457 healthy, first-time plateletpheresis donors over a period of 26 months. The plateletpheresis procedures were performed using five different cell separators and various pre- and post-donation haematological values such as haemoglobin concentration (Hb), haematocrit (Hct), platelet and white blood cell (WBC) counts, mean platelet volume and platelet distribution width were measured in all donors.
Results. We observed that the Hb, Hct, platelet and WBC counts decreased significantly in the donors (p<0.01) after each procedure, without there being significant changes in mean platelet volume or platelet distribution width. The decreases in Hb and Hct were significantly greater with the CS 3000 and Amicus machines, while the decreases in platelet and WBC counts were significantly greater with the CS 3000 and Fresenius separators.
Conclusion. Although a significant drop in complete blood count was observed in all donors, none manifested features of thrombocytopenia or anaemia. Nevertheless, more prospective studies on this aspect are required in order to establish guidelines for donor safety in apheresis and also to help in assessing donor suitability, especially given the present trend of double product apheresis collections.
Key words: Plateletpheresis; haematological values; cell separator; donor safety; platelet count.
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